General Help

This page is to assist new users or those returning after some time who may have forgotten some basics of the site. If you are already registered and just need help with setting up your schedule, click here for scheduling help. Otherwise, just follow the topics below.


Already Registered But Can't Log In?

On the login page you can simply click the link that says (in red) "Forgot your login data? Click here." If the email address in your patrol record is your current email address, you will receive your username and password at that address.

If you have changed your email but did not update your patroller record, you must contact the site administrator ( to get your login data.

Step 1 - Get Registered

On the Welcome page, click "Register Me" in the right column of the Quick LInks area. Complete the Registration Request form. If you are a candidate and do not yet have an NSP ID, just enter 000000 (must have 6 zeros). When you get your NSP ID you can (must) change this in your patrol record.

If you are going "Pro" simply enter "Y" in this field. Pro patrollers use the system primarily for communication at this time. They may eventually schedule days on this system as well, but currently they do not use the scheduler. For that reason, they do not have access to the scheduling system.

If you are a candidate, enter "Y" in the field. A candidate is someone who is enrolled in the OEC class or who has passed OEC but is taking, or plans to take, toboggan training in the current season.



Step 2 - Complete Your Patrol Record

After and administrator registers you in the database, you will receive and email indicating your username and password. It is very important that you complete your patrol record next. You will not be able to use the scheduler unless your patrol record is complete. We use this system to communicate with you. An accurate email address and street address is important for this reason.

The checkboxes or radio buttons are critical as well. The Patroller Type must be checked for our scheduling reports to work correctly (again, Pro patrollers are not required to indicate Patroller Type). By "Auxiliary" we are referring to "Base" patrollers who are not trained to transport patients via toboggan.

The "Other Cert." boxes are also important for the schedule report and/or the mailing list tools. Please keep these boxes current if your role or qualification changes. Ignore the CLE Level box.

The Bio field is optional, but you are encouraged to enter something about yourself here as well. While you may "spoof" the phone number field by entering any 10 numbers, it is important that you enter your correct phone number in case we need to contact you


Step 3 - Enter Your Schedule

Click on the "Duty Days" menu to see the scheduling tool options. You are required to enter 12 working days for the season. You are expected to work the days you schedule.If your plans change, you can submit a proposal for approval.

You may work extra days as you choose, but please do not schedule more than the required 12 so that all patrollers can get their required 12 days. When days become "full" no one else can schedule them. The "Full" limit for each patroller type is determined by ski patrol management.

Credit for days worked is determined by your time card, not the days you scheduled. Staring in the 2013-2014 season, we will be entering your actual worked days into the database for reporting purposes. The timecard will be used to determine those days.

Get detailed scheduling help by clicking here. You can see when other patrollers are working by creating a custom schedule report. Click on "Create Custom Schedule Report" in the right column of the Quick Links section.

Patrol Information -

Click the Patrol Info menu to see tabs containing different patroller resources of interest at Sunrise.

General Resources - Contains any new information we want to communicate, plus links to the mailing list tool, and the schedule reporting tool.

Lift Evac Resources - This tab will contain links to information provided by Dale Stewart, including the Lift Evac Flowchart, Lift Evac Overview, etc.

External Links - Information resources such as "Animated Knots by Grog), the Far West Division and National Ski Patrol websites, and a link to Arizona Hiking Shack.

Special Items - This space is for resources that may be of a temporary nature, or may not fit into other categories.

Equipment Lists - This tab has lists for what goes into your patrol pack, the trauma pack, the O2 pack, the backboard pack and the line gun bag.