Scheduling Help

These help topics are specific to the user steps for the individual tasks. Refer to the process charts (click) for an overview of the entire process.

These steps assume you are already registered in the database (click for help on registering) and that your directory record is complete. You cannot enter a schedule without completing your directory record. Click on a topic to expand it.

To enter your schedule for the first time in a new season
  1. Select "Duty Days" from the main menu.
  2. Log in if requested.
  3. On the Duty Schedule Management page, click on "Enter your patrol schedule" from the bullet list.
  4. You should now see the "Schedule Entry Form" page.
    If, instead, you see the "Patroller Details" page, your directory record must be completed before you can go further.
  5. Verify that the Schedule Entry Form shows your name and NSP ID at the top of the season calendar. Valid "national" working days are any weekend plus those dates shown in light red. Dates that have a "strike-through" are already full and cannot be selected. See the topic below for dealing with full dates.
  6. Single-click on a date to select it. Click it again to deselect it. You may click as many days as you wish, but only valid working days will be considered. Please do NOT hold down the shift or control keys while selecting multiple dates.
  7. When you are satisfied with your selections, click "Commit Dates" and wait a few seconds. You will see an acknowledgement that your dates have been submitted, and will then be taken to the "Schedule Viewer" page which will show the dates you just committed, exactly as they are stored in the system.
    Your schedule has now been committed to the system. You are responsible for this schedule unless you have obtained approval for a proposed new schedule. See the topic below on Viewing Your Schedule and Proposing Changes.
To view your schedule or propose changes

Once your schedule is committed, you will not see the Schedule Entry page again. You will be taken immediately to the Schedule Viewer page if you select "Enter your schedule." Alternatively you can select "View your current patrol schedule" on the Duty Schedule Management page.

From the schedule viewer page you can simply view your existing schedule, or you can propose changes to it.

To propose changes to your schedule, you actually submit a proposal for an entirely new schedule. For your own record, you should include dates you have already worked in any new proposal.

To propose a new schedule:

  • Click on any date to unselect it.
    The date will turn "black" so you can remember you previously had that day. If the date turns "green" instead, that simply means that the day is currently "full" and may become "un-full" if your proposal is approved. It has been noticed that, occasionally, a date does not get marked black when unselected. This is a bug.
  • Click on any unscheduled date to select it. Again, please do not hold down the shift or control keys while selecting multiple dates.
    Dates that have a "strike-through" are full and cannot be selected. See the topic below for dealing with full dates.
  • When you are satisfied with your dates, click "Submit Proposal" and wait for the acknowledgement message.
  • An email is sent to your patrol director notifying him/her of your proposal, your NSP ID and your phone number in case a discussion is required.


Viewing Pending Proposals (and re-proposing)

After you have submitted a proposal, it can be viewed on the "proposal viewer" page.

  • Select "Duty Days" from the main menu and log in if required.
  • Click on the link "View your pending proposed schedule".
  • The "Proposal Viewer" page appears, showing your pending proposal.
  • You may overwrite this proposal with a new one by selecting a new date set and clicking "Replace With This Proposal." An email will be sent to your director.

If your proposal was approved prior to your attempting to view it, you will see an error page telling you that you do not have any pending proposals.

Again, in any new proposal you should include any past days that you have worked. This will help you keep track of all days worked.

Dealing with "Full Days"

You cannot select days that are marked (strike-through) as full when you submit your original schedule or a proposed new schedule. However, you can work this out with your director as follows:

  • Submit your proposal with all dates except the full dates selected. Your director immediately receive an email notification, so you must take the next step immediately.
  • Call your director and tell them that you need to discuss adding a full day before your proposal is approved.
  • The director will call you before approving your proposal, and you can discuss the day or days you want to add.
  • The director has the ability to add a full day to your schedule, and can do so before approving your schedule.